To have humility on the ground and a little ego on in the air, pilots need the confidence in their abilities, the skills and the tools to back it up. Elevate is here to provide you with those tools, to build your skillset and confidence in yourself as a pilot. No matter what your level, if you can take off and land safely, we are here to help you progress and reach your full potential.

Our courses are tailored to you and designed to provide you with the tools you need to be safe and confident in your ability. Straight from school or learning your first heli connections, Elevate are here to provide you with a clear path forward to achieve your goal.

Confidence is fragile it's easily lost or misplaced, this is why everything is tailored to each pilot from the outset. Every pilot goes on a journey in their paragliding career, we aim to set you on a path to make sure it’s long and safe, so we can enjoy it for years to come.