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Acro paragliding is all about good decision making. In acro our first priority is to put ourselves in the best possible situation to allow time for a recovery from a mistake or if we were to ever need our emergency systems. This allows acro to become a great way to explore advanced wing control. At Elevate we believe in acro coaching, by providing you with the tools you need in the SIV environment. We can graduate SIV and move on to a faster paced training environment. Acro coaching allows you to consolidate your knowledge and skills over many flights. Looking at where you are and what your goals are, a training plan will be laid out for you. An especially designed knee mounted GoPro will be provided, which allows us to individually analyse your performance and look for areas we can improve on. Taking you from the SIV style of teaching of 9 runs per week to 30 (weather permitting) gives you a chance to really build your skills and learn how to identify your own mistakes, so you can continue to improve when you leave the course. Radio contact is limited in acro coaching, therefore we use spin to backfly, 360 spin with a positive exit as a pre requisite of the course. If you’re not comfortable executing this on the first day with no instruction, then come and join us for the SIV style course and we will get you there! #acroisnotacrime  

Prices & information

The cost of the trip is £ 1650 with accommodation for 7 nights in a luxury villa. Breakfast included. £1250 per person per week course only. Accommodation supplement for a partner is £450. If you wish to stay additional days in the accommodation please call to discuss availability. The course includes:
  • Pre-trip consultation to identify personal objectives
  • Transport to cable car on manoeuvres days
  • A safety boat on manoeuvre days 
  • Waterproof radios provided
  • SEAGO 300n Life jackets
  • Full expert tuition throughout the course
  • Daily pre-flight and post-flight briefings
  • Daily debrief using on board GoPro footage
  • Edited video footage of your week’s manoeuvres (£50)
Please note the following is not included and must be arranged independently although recommendations can be provided:
  • Flights
  • Airport transfer
  • Cable Car up to launch of around 130Tl per trip (Subject to change) 
  • Lunchtime and evening meals
  • Travel insurance
  Some items of kit to remember:
  • Glider in fully serviceable condition.
  • Harness with adequate back protection. We fly over water but take off and touch down over land.
  • Suitable reserve parachute system that has been checked and repacked within the last 12 months.
  • At least one 2M Radio able to receive and transmit from 142.100 up to 146.400, We do provide radios, although we recommend each pilot brings a second spare radio if possible.

Example Acro Coaching Programme

Saturday Arrive at the Villa
Sunday – AM 10 AM – Meet for Kit Check and Initial Briefing
Sunday – PM Orientation flight – To establish comfort with Radio, Life Jacket, GoPro, demonstrate spin to backfly, 360 spin to positive exit, any manoeuvres the pilot is 100% comfortable with.
Monday – Thursday AM establish training plan for the day based on the previous day’s performance analysis.  Up to 6 x Coached Flights per day weather, personal, physical and mental state permitting 360 to positive exit training, Misty Flip Parachutal (deepstall) Heli entry to backfly Heli stability and positive exit
Additional manoeuvres depending on the pilot’s level: Heli connections: SAT to heli, heli to SAT, McTwist to heliDynamic stall to heliRhythmic SATRhythmic to Infinite to Anti-rhythmic Tumbling entry to Anti-rhythmic Infinite (tumble entry) to Anti-rhythmic Infinite – double pump to Anti-rhythmic Infinite (tumble entry) to straight exit Advanced Combos: Joker Cork Cowboy
Friday AM Pleasure Flight / Reserve day in case of bad weather
Saturday Depart from Ölüdeniz 

Are you ready for ACRO coaching?

Are you are interested in progressing in to acro flying? You can get a taste on the SIV with SAT and wingovers.  If you would like to really progress into acro we will tailor the SIV with this in mind. The prerequisites for the acro coaching are spin to backfly and a 360 spin with a positive exit. Once these manoeuvres are mastered it gives you great base to safely progress into the world of acro and move onto the faster paced acro coaching course.  

Additional information

Course Dates

October 15th to the 22nd 2022


Villa Accommodation, Added non-flying spouse, No Accommodation


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