Elevate is a passionate group of pilots who are here to help you reach your potential. Our courses are tailored to help pilots focus on what matters to them. To deliver an environment that allows you to focus on your flying, progression and enjoying your trip.
With a background in acro, we have learnt from our mistakes gaining invaluable experience. Mistakes are no longer inevitable, with a structured approach tailored to the pilot, we are excited to help you embark on a new chapter in your flying with new skills and confidence.
Experience is simply the name we give our mistakes (Oscar Wilde)

Dave Roberts - Senior Instructor

Coming from competitive freestyle kite-buggying and teaching kitesurfing; paragliding was a natural kite progression for Dave. With sites firmly set on acrobatic paragliding from the start as a safer alternative to the kite buggy, soon finding himself hooked in the paragliding world.

Dedicating chunks of time to get immersed in the acro paragliding world, spending seasons in Salt Lake City, Gerlitzen in Austria, Organya in Spain and Oludeniz in Turkey.

Sharing acrobatic tandem flights and helping pilots progress in their flying became a passion. Teaming up with the British Acrobatic Paragliding Academy to help grow acro flying in the UK. Dave thinks through every aspect of his work until all angles have been covered.

Dave and the team then created Elevate to help share that passion further, helping pilots of all abilities safely grow and evolve in their paragliding career; be that acro or their first adventures out of school.

Join the ever expanding following of Elevate for top quality adventures and experienced tuition, you won’t look back!


Naveen Ravi

Born and raised in Chennai city, South of India speaking the local language Tamil, voted as one of the first languages in the world.

He started out playing basketball at around 8 years old  and chosen to represent India at under 17’s with a full scholarship to engineering college. Dropping out of engineering to focus on business management in Singapore, finishing with distinction in internal business.

Attending acting classes in his spare time, landed Naveen a job at universal studios in Singapore, where he spent two years working for them as a performer.

Naveen started paragliding in 2010 moving back to India to dedicate all his time to paragliding, working at "Indus Paragliding" until 2015. Then saying "Stuff it!", leaving everything behind to learn acro and heading to Nepal, spending many years there learning stall spin manoeuvres.

Leaving Nepal and heading to Europe in 2018. Gerlitzen is where Naveen met the Elevate team on his first real year of learning acro. Working in social media in Las Vegas and taking on any job that allows him to pursue his path as India’s top acro pilot.

Naveen brings experience, passion, energy and a lot of laughs to the team.

Chris Greenhalgh

Chris is a great example of the people you find along your path to being a paraglider pilot. From the beginning Chris bought into ideas and ethos of Elevate and wanted to get behind it.

As a software developer and business owner Chris offered up his talents and helped develop a website and a road map for the future of Elevate, which helped secure investment, whilst also laying out the goals for the business. All of Dave's big, crazy plans, moulded into something achievable.